The Greater San Antonio Chamber held its September Executive Board meeting, hosted by Endeavors, at the Veterans Wellness Center on Thursday, September 28, 2023. Katie Harvey, the Chair of the Board and CEO of KGBTexas Communications, warmly welcomed our members and expressed gratitude to our host, Jon Allman of Endeavors. 

With the recommendation of the Chamber's Public Policy Council, the Chamber's Executive Board gave their approval for endorsing specific propositions aimed at amending the Texas Constitution on the upcoming November 7 general election ballot.  

The Chamber encourages voters to support these amendments, which directly align with the Chamber's 88th Texas Legislative Session Agenda (Prop 2, Prop 4, Prop 8), as well as those that will benefit both the San Antonio community and our state (Prop 3, Prop 5, Prop 6, Prop 7, Prop 9, Prop 10, Prop 14). For a full list of propositions and the Chamber’s recommendations click here. 

The Executive Board also approved the nominees for Director positions, those nominated for 2-year terms on the Executive Board for 2024-2025, and the nominees for 3-year terms on the Board of Investors for 2024-2026.  

Dave Petersen, Interim President and CEO, addressed the potential government shutdown and its potential impact on our city. He mentioned the Greater San Antonio Chamber has advocated publicly and directly to our delegation in Congress to take decisive action to avoid a situation where military members would not get paid. 

Lastly, Dave spoke about LeadershipSA, noting the 47th class is concluding, and applications for the 48th class are now open. LSA Class 48 applications close on Monday, October 16, 2023. For more information visit